There won't be a better memory than this moment. As your finger through the symbol of love, you know this is the moment, this is the moment that you won't forget, forever.

We would like to invite you to take a tour with us, feel how beautiful this moment is. Smile, tears, kisses, promises of happiness. 


Jessica & Jamie

Wedding at Inn on the Lake Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Yuyin & Momo

Wedding at Oceanstone, Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia


Patty & Egon

Private Beach Wedding, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sarah & Wes

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia


Cass & Mitch

Wedding at Downtown Halifax

Li & Xing

Wedding at Granite Springs Golf Club, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Yu & Ming


There are so many stories to tell, but the stories of love are always the topic that people would admire. Sometimes love is not easy, cause you need to give, to protect, to make the other part become a better self. 



There are many decision need to be made, will need to be fulfilled. One day you will decide to hold that person's hand and walk towards your better future, isn't that romantic?

Carolina & Ben