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Jason Xu

Wedding Videographer
Hi, I am Jason,

A wedding videographer with full heats and curiosity since I obtained my first camera ten years ago.
Developing a hobby into a career, I pursue wedding videography as an endeavor to make sense of life. I started Source Video back in 2017, and since then I’ve never felt so strongly about my will and power as a storyteller to document these feasts of love, passion, and happiness.
Being an independent wedding videographer may not guarantee a super-profitable life, but always be full of freedom, creativeness, and gratification. In my work, I’ve believed in and practiced a natural and non-intrusive way to make wedding films for my clients.
In the past two years, I have witnessed and captured countless moving moments in weddings - fathers first saw their daughters in wedding dresses, the tears mothers wet their sons’ shoulders, the breathtaking first looks, the sayings of the simplest but heaviest two words “I will”, and the spotlights chasing the new couples’ first dancing, etc.
I love my work that helps to preserve these real feelings for lovely couples and their families and friends.
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